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Washable hygienic towels go to zero waste
Washable hygienic towels handmade product
Washable sanitary towels menstruation go to zero waste
sanitary napkin go to zero waste zero dechet and minimalism
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menstruation rules put to zero dechet product handmade

Sanitary napkins zero waste (handmade)

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Handmade product in France
Do you wonder how to go to zero waste? Discover ce kit of sanitary napkins zero waste. He was handmade in France.
Practical, economical and ecological, it's the kit sanitary napkins ideal for those who have never tested the ecological during menstruation and want zero waste at home.
Indeed, these towels are washable and therefore reusable. You seeit's super easy to get to zero waste!
This kit includes: 3 washable organic cotton towels of different sizes, for different times of the day.
- 1 protects slip 17cm by 7 cm and 15 cm at the level of the fins
- 1 towel day 23 cm by 17 cm with wings
- 1 night towel (large size) 26 cm long by 11 cm and 19 cm at the fins
Zero waste sanitary napkins are stored in their pouches transport in organic cotton (having the same reasons). Ifor those who want to go to zero waste, or are already experts.
Each organic towel is lined with a layer of organic cotton wadding with a thickness of 330g / m2 and a waterproof organic cotton layer that prevents any leakage.

The fabric in contact with the skin is ecru organic cotton flannel, fluffy appearance. It is very soft and super comfortable!
The towels are attached to your lingerie with a pressure under the underside.
No worries, you can count on these hygienic towels bio and washable in all circumstances!

In addition to that, they are reusable at will! Ideal for a lifetime zero dechet and minimalism, especially for those who want zero waste at home
When you use your towel for the first time, you can rinse with cold water and soak in Marseille soap before you put it in the machine at maximum 40 with a moderate spin no more than 1000 minute turn.
For difficult tasks, add sodium percabornate to your laundry.
Tumble dry not recommended to guarantee the longevity of your new organic sanitary napkins.
  • Handmade product
  • Skip to zero waste, zero waste at home, zero waste and minimalism
  • Available only online
  • Provenance: France

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