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White Sage-Yogis on Roadtrip-Yogis on Roadtrip
White Sage-Yogis on Roadtrip-Yogis on Roadtrip

White sage

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Lot of 3 fagots of California natural white sage for fumigation. (3 X 20g)

Traditionally used by Native people or Native American tribes and considered the most powerful herb for purification (house, objects, jewelry, mâlâs, aura).

California's natural white sage has a strong cleaning power.

The benefits of white sage

In its traditional use, a wide range of benefits is attributed to white sage. White sage is considered by Native American First Nations for its medicinal plant properties. As with all other fragrant sage, the leaves were used as antiseptic. Because of their antimicrobial properties, many varieties of sage are used in medicinal and pharmaceutical preparations.

There are also traces of white sage used to relieve sore throats, colds and respiratory infections.

Inhalation of vapors was used to control lung congestion and clear bronchial tubes.

Usage Tips

Get a suitable container and make sure it is heat resistant. Light the sage and let it burn for a few moments before blowing. We advise you to open some windows if you burn it indoors. Then walk in each room you want to cleanse.

Traditionally, it was customary not to extinguish the white sage when it burns. Indeed, in the Native American belief it was thought that the white sage burns until purification is complete. The amount of white sage used may seem important the first time it is used. If in doubt, use less, you can always turn it back on.

Extinguish the stick by crushing in a suitable container, or in sand to smother it easily.

Contre indications

Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Epileptics should avoid taking large amounts as this can cause a seizure.