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Travel jewelery pocket
Pochette range jewelry travel sale craft product
Pochette range jewelry travel product handmade
essential to go on a trip handmade product
Essential to go on a trip
essential to go on a trip

Travel jewelry storage pouch (handmade)

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€ 35,00
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€ 35,00

Handmade product in France
This pretty travel jewelry storage pouch was handmade in France.
Super practical and very aesthetic, this travel jewelry storage pouch will allow you to take care of your precious jewels by arranging them and organizing them before and during the trip.
And yes, fIni of loose jewelry at the bottom of a kit! An essential to go on a trip!
This pocket jewelry travel pouch was created to open completely flat to see the jewels and correctly organize smart.
You will find different pockets to store your precious jewelry: a zipped pocket, a folded and a baguier and finally a leatherette part perforated with small star holes (to hang different earrings). Un real jewel case for your jewels whether they are of value or fantasies.
This travel jewelry storage pouch is made of coordinating cottons in gray, white and yellow with fan prints and origami of Japanese spirit.
  • Handmade product in France
  • Dimensions of this pocket jewelry travel pouch: 11x17 cm folded once with its closure link to tie
  • Available only online
  • Provenance: France

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