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Travel lingerie pouch
Essential to go on a trip
Travel essential lingerie pouch for traveling
essential to go on a trip

Travel lingerie pouch (handmade)

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€ 32,00
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€ 32,00

Handmade product in France
This pretty lingerie travel pouch was made by hand in France.
Your suitcase is ready? Never go on vacation or weekend without this practical storage pouch. It is intended to discreetly contain your lingerie, wherever you go! A real essential to go on a trip
This special foldable travel lingerie pouch is super convenient. It contains :
  • 1 large 30 compartment X 22 cm right
  • 2 small pockets on 14 x 15 cm
  • and 2 plus 20 x 15 cm on the left
The lingerie pouch will allow you to store around 3 or 4 bras, panties, tights and socks to leave peacefully on a trip.
Made in a durable and light polyester taffeta not to weigh down your bag, with its application of printed cotton fans of Japanese spirit. The closure is done by a yellow satin ribbon.
  • Handmade product in France
  • Dimensions of this lingerie travel pouch: folded size approximately 23cmx30 cm and open approximately: 46cmx30cm
  • Available only online
  • Provenance: France

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