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Yak wool chaplet (unique piece)

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Unique piece

This yak wool shawl was found in a small family business in Nepal.

The yak is a mammal (like a big cow) living around the Himalayas. The animal is used to extreme temperatures (up to - 40 °) thanks to its hairs isotherms and thermoregulators.

In ancestral way, the locals make a yak wool that has the specificity of being soft, warm and light. No worries, yak wool does not smell.

This beautiful meditation shawl in yak hair for meditation on cold days.

This warm and soft shawl is super comfortable, you will not be able to separate any more.

Unique piece: Available in 1 only!

  • One size, one piece
  • Size: 2,10m x 80cm
  • Yak wool shawl, warm and soft shawl that can be used as a meditation shawl
  • Available only online
  • Origin: Nepal

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