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My adventure

"In twenty years you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than by the things you did. So get off the beaten track. Set sail. Explore. Dream. Discover " - Mark Twain

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Yoga teacher and adventurous traveler, I created Yogis on Roadtrip for inspire you by creating a unique universe that combines my passions : yoga and travel.

It all started during my studies in business school. Convinced of wanting a career in a large group like Loreal, I worked hard to obtain an attractive and original resume.

Then little by little, doubts began to arise: what about my desire to travel, freedom and adventures? I was slowly beginning to wander from the path which, however, seemed to me already traced.

Once graduated, I decided to leave to realize the dream of a life: to travel the world, with as only companion, my backpack. My comrades were starting to get hired in prestigious companies.

The idea of ​​launching my box had been around since very young, but I was not sure that now was the right time. But if not now, when?

So I decided to take my courage with both hands and create a universe that looks like me, in the hope of creating a women's community here Inspire and help each other, intertwining yoga and travel.

In September 2018, Yogis on Roadtrip was born. Quickly, the idea of ​​making the site evolve yoga concept store and travel has become obvious.

"A yoga concept store? But what do you mean by that? "

Let me explain: Yogis on Roadtrip works mainly with artisans who offer handmade products, ecological, original and super quality.

The products are limited editionsbecause available in very small quantities.

We know exactly where the products come from and when we leave the French production, we support small family businesses (as for example in Nepal).