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My adventure

"In twenty years you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than by the things you did. So get off the beaten track. Set sail. Explore. Dream. Discover " - Mark Twain

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With Yogis on Roadtrip, I want to inspire you by creating a unique universe that combines my passions: yoga, meditation and travels.

After finishing my studies in commerce, I decided to go traveling alone in South Asia. Going backpacking has always been my dream, but I never thought of going alone. Indeed, I quickly realized that it was difficult to leave accompanied when it comes to a trip of several months. My relatives all had a reason not to come.

That's when I took the most terrifying and exciting decision of my life: backpacking alone in Southeast Asia.

I started with Thailand, where I had the chance to practice meditation, especially in northern Thailand in Chiang Mai. Then, thirsty for adventure and wanting to push my limits, I decided to cross Vietnam on a motorcycle (yes, just that). The journey began in Hanoi, then after 2500 km of road, I arrived safe and sound in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon). After this epic, I decided to rest for 3 weeks in Cambodia before spending two months in Laos where I discovered the joys of acroyoga. Finally, I finished my amazing trip in Indonesia, especially in Bali (known as the paradise of yoga) to improve my practice. Little by little, the idea of ​​Yogis on Roadtrip emerged.

After 6 months of travel, I decided to return to France to develop my idea.

I selected high quality, bohemian and trendy products to allow you to continue your yoga and meditation practice wherever you are (preferably on a beach with a good cocktail).

I also propose decorative or practical products to bring you a touch of freedom, adventure or zen.

With "Yogis on Roadtrip", I want to develop a community of adventurous yogis, who help each other et are inspired.