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sports bag for yoga
sports bag for yoga
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yoga mat bag

Watercolor handmade yoga bag (single piece)

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€ 60,00
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€ 60,00

Handmade product in France
Unique piece !

This sports bag for yoga in summer handmade in France. It's a unique piece, there is only one copy.

Ethical and ecological, this gym bag is an eco product responsible. It was created to last in time. This yoga bag is made of cotton and padded with polyester to fully protect your yoga mat and accessories.

At Yogis on Roadtrip, you'll find aesthetics and practicality: this yoga bag has a zipper and an inside pocket to store your keys, laptop and other accessories. It also has a strap so you can wear this yoga gym bag on your shoulders.

Discover the portrait of the designer here.

  • Sports bag for yoga handmade in France, unique piece
  • Size: 74 cm (long) x 51 cm (circumference)
    • Sides 14 cm (height) x 13 cm (width)
  • Available only online
  • Provenance: made in France

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