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Rose quartz necklace handmade product quartz rose properties
Rose quartz necklace handmade product silver virtues rose quartz

Rose quartz necklace (handmade)

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Handmade product
Ce necklace was fhandmade It has been specially designed for lovers of lithotherapy, including pink quartz. The stone is firmly held by 925 money.
In lithotérapie, the science of the power of stones (study of stones), the pink quatz is a stone with positive energies.
Rose quartz pproperties: the virtues of pink quartz are known in the world in the study of stones. Pink quartz has always been a source of calm and tender feelings. This stone would bring what most people lack, self-love. It is awarded the most beautiful and the most envied of titles: the stone of love!
Also, the virtues of pink quartz are the reduction of the side effects caused by stress at the physical level, such as ulcers, hypertension related to anxiety. Rose quartz is also used for insomnia and headaches.
Our jewels are handcrafted piece by piece, on 925 / 1000 solid silver support, with the punch according to French regulations.
  • Guaranteed one year
  • Delivered in its case
  • Adjustable length of the chain 40 cm + 5 cm
  • Available only online
  • Provenance: India

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