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Guide: intensive yoga training (YTT200)

Those who follow my account on instagram (@yogisonroadtrip), know that I just finished my training in Nepal to become a yoga teacher. Many of you have asked me for a return on this intensive yoga training, so let's start from the beginning:

Commonly called Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in English, the first level is to follow 200 hours of classes in 1 months.

Intensive yoga training and real life experienceyou will learn many things in this month like no other. Be it the philosophy of yoga, anatomy, pranayamas (breathing exercises), meditation and of course asanas (sports part of yoga). You will come out more fit than ever before and above all, ready to teach yoga.

Indeed, during the training, if you choose a serious schoolyou will learn how to give yoga classes from beginning to end and you will be trained to teach yoga.

During this intensive month, you will go through several cycles:

  1. First week, sweating and body aches
  2. Second week, you start to pace yourself
  3. Third week, doubts and challenges: mental challenge
  4. Fourth week, up to the yoga teacher!

  1. First week: sweating and body aches

The first week was for me the most difficult, especially physically (of course this is my personal experience).

The first week is the test week, where secretly, teachers want to see what is the physical level of students. It is also the moment when they show that you are not there (that) to laugh, but to follow an intensive yoga training.

Then it's Niagara Falls: get ready to sweat!

It is also the moment when you begin to feel, slowly but surely, your mind begins to struggle. You lose all your habits and you start a new diet. (I know what you think: and yes, you can secretly carry chocolate in your suitcase)

  1. Second week: you start to pace yourself

For me, the second week proved to be easier. My body quickly got used to intense physical exercise and diet. It must be said that the meals were really good: everything is vegan, handmade with fresh products and with love.

All about yoga training YTT200 blog Feedback from Nepal

  1. Third week: the mind begins to struggle

More flexible, stronger and more confident in your asanas, the third week gives way to mental change.

I think that anyone who comes to intensive yoga training in a remote country like Nepal is looking for something more, such as discovering oneself, pushing one's limits and so on. Each person, if they are open and attentive, will discover a personal challenge on which they will have to work. For me, for example, it was about learning to live in the moment without thinking about the future but also to develop a company that respects my values ​​and the environment.

The physical side becomes more accessible and it is now mental evolution that becomes a challenge. But to be honest, what better place to evolve?

  1. Fourth week: place to the yoga teacher!

If you train in a serious school, the last week will be dedicated to training you to become a good teacher.

You will learn how to plan a course that includes pranayamas (breathing exercises) and to create a correct sequence of asanas. You will have to recite the mantras and explain the philosophy to the rest of the class. You will also have to correct your classmates by giving constructive remarks (rhythm, sound of the voice, adjustments etc.)

In just a few days, you'll be surprised how much everyone is progressing.

A mixture of emotion will be felt: pride of having finished the first 3 weeks, nostalgia, want to go home and afraid to get out of this bubble (because during 1 months, you do not have time to think about something else: only yoga)

Last day before the return to the real life: the graduation, moment of absolute pride!

You did it! It's time to celebrate this in traditional dress with a ceremony like the others ...

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If you are still interested in training, you probably have some questions.

Here you will find the most common questions:

  • But then, how to choose my school?
  • But why did you choose Nepal?
  • And why this school in Nepal?
  • Training to become a yoga teacher, how much does it cost?

  • But then, how to choose my school?

First of all, you have to think about what you want to do once you graduate. Do you want to teach yoga in a studio? Or give lessons to your loved ones? Or maybe you want to take intensive yoga training to improve your personal practice?

Since I wanted to teach classes in yoga studios and retreats, I chose a serious training to become a yoga teacher, who delivers an international diploma (ie recognized around the world).

For that, I chose to look at the yoga site Alliance International, a world-renowned organization, recognized for issuing quality certificates.

If you want to teach yoga in a studio, I urge you to choose a school that delivers an international alliance yoga certificate.

  • But why did you choose Nepal?

At first, I hesitated to do my training in India, cradle of yoga. As a solo traveler, I have often heard mixed feedback about traveling alone as a woman in India. Some of my girlfriends loved it, others felt unsafe. On top of that, India attracts mass tourism for yoga trainings, which sometimes leads to a lack of authenticity.

Then, I looked at the neighboring country, Nepal. Small country placed in the Himalayas and birthplace of Buddha, I started to learn about the risks for a woman traveling alone. To my surprise, I only had good feedback. After spending 5 weeks there, I can only recommend this magical place. I always felt safe, the only looks were curious looks, very often followed by a big smile.

  • And why this school in Nepal?

I chose a school based in the Kathmandu Valley, far from the city center. I wanted to find myself in a place surrounded by nature with a beautiful view.

The choice was quickly made for various reasons:

  • There are only 9 schools whose degree is certified by Yoga Alliance International. This means that the yoga diploma is recognized.
  • The teaching style is very authentic
  • It's the only school in the nature with a magnificent view
  • This is the school that has the most reviews of alumni of all (on different interfaces)

All about yoga training YTT200 Back experience nepal ceremony

  • Training to become a yoga teacher, how much does it cost?

One of the reasons I chose Nepal is because it's a lot cheaper (REALLY CHEAPER) than in other countries like Thailand, Indonesia (Bali) etc.

It's not cheap either, but prices for training in Nepal are comparable to those in India, which are the most competitive.

  • Can you tell me more about your school?

You can find all the information CLICK HERE

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