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Leave everything to find yourself: feedback

"Leave everything to find yourself", article written by Esther alias neskatraveler on social networks. Experienced traveler, she talks about her dream of leaving everything to go on an adventure. Exclusively for Yogis on Roadtrip.

Leave everything to find yourself

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Having dreams is good, but doing them is even better, is not it?

After getting my Master in International Business, working for 2 years in Santiago and 3 years in Barcelona I started to feel no more in my place or fulfilled in what I was doing. Some will say that I'm just a fool, others that I'm crazy about leaving a permanent contract and economic security and others, a lot, will encourage me.

I just think that our societies are changing and that we are part of the generation that is taking this change in the face. A transitional phase in the digital age, the era when the family model imposed by society is gradually impacted by a search for freedom, a desire to live the moment without thinking of contributing for retirement, by to privilege human experiences rather than professional ones, by a desire to invest in journeys rather than in an apartment ...

A model of life sometimes exceeded

In fact the model of our parents is no longer suitable, and suddenly, without a model, we are a little lost. They have had a career for the most part in the same company where they have climbed the ladder and worked to build their house, educate their children, offer them a dog, go on vacation once a year, pay them studies .. All of this, does it speak to you? Do you see yourself reproducing this schema?

If so, I find it great because you already have one (or more) objective (s) of life defined (s). But if that's not the case, welcome to the club!

Of course, I'm not saying that all people who feel lost will never have children, work or home; not at all! I am simply talking about my case, which, I believe, is not an isolated and revealing case of the change we are experiencing.

It is difficult to project especially when we do not know what tomorrow will be done, when we are not in a "stable" situation, when we do not know where we will be in 6 months.

This is certainly what scares the most, afraid to miss, afraid to embark on an adventure in which it can happen a thousand and one adventures, but that's what is beautiful no?

For my part, I decided to take advantage of my situation of "dissatisfaction" to realize a long-time dream: to travel without a return ticket, a trip during which I hope to find myself.

If you do not feel good where you are, change, move, steal (metaphor of flying like a bird not in a store you'll understand ... Ahah). The world has a lot to offer.

Find your happiness

Alors leave everything to find yourself, to trust life, to oneself, to the encounters that have made us on our way, to discover new horizons, to share unforgettable moments, to live experiences that enrich us, and above all not to blame ourselves for living some something different and out of the scheme "metro-work-sleep" imposed by our societies. Because in the end what counts is to find happiness and realize dreams.

You will see that when we are happy, we know that everything will be fine.

Maybe we'll meet each other on the road, who knows! :-)


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