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The morning yoga routine of a teacher

"Morning Yoga Routine", written by Sarah (aka @yogainmygarden on instagram or on blog), exclusively for Yogis on Roadtrip.

Sarah is a yoga teacher. In this article, she talks about her morning yoga routine for a serene and productive day.

My morning yoga routine

morning yoga routine

The first impression. You know the one who sets the tone, tells us immediately on which foot to dance! For a person, a place, a garment ... Well it's the same for a day! I believe that what we do in the early hours of the day sets the tone for the rest of this day.

Today the reflex has become for many of us to take our phone in hand as soon as we open our eyes. A surge of news, not always very positive: the tax notice that comes in the mailbox, the chef who extends the to-do list, the reminder of the shopping list for the snack of children, the gift of X we still have not bought ... the mental load builds up. Not to mention the international news between the climate crisis and the social emergency ... Do you realize what it's like to manage ..? All this is a stress that puts the nervous system on alert in the first minutes of the day. Not obvious, even for the most positive of us!

My morning routine

The first change I made for softer mornings is to keep my phone off for as long as possible, and only turn it on after doing my little routine!

So now let's get right to the point: what morning routine?

The idea is to start the day with things that are good for us, that put us in a good position and that will allow us to approach the day in a positive way and to face the little hassles and stress of everyday life. more serenely.

Eliminate toxins from the night

During the night, the body takes advantage of our sleep to "cleanse". We eliminate toxins from our system. The cells of the skin, hair and bones regenerate. The muscles relax. We store the teachings of the day and things are imprinted in memory.

The best thing to do for a good day is to start with a good night's sleep.

The first thing I do when I wake up is to stretch, I breathe deeply, I think of what awaits me for the day that begins, I visualize it. During the night, the column remained motionless for several hours. In the morning routine, it is therefore important to bring mobility back into the column, gently, before putting both feet on the ground and start the day. I stretch my neck, I untie my shoulders and the top of my back, I stretch the bottom of my back, all this with some very simple movements, to sit on the edge of the bed:

  • Épull the arms towards the sky on the inspiration then release them on the exhalation, by relaxing well the shoulders.
  • Stretch the arms towards the sky on the inspiration then release on the exhalation while bending at the level of the basin to lie down on the thighs. This allows to stretch the lower back.
  • Repeat the same movement with your hands entwined in the back, raising your hands to the sky on the exhalation.
  • Stretch and wake the neck by bringing the ear to the shoulder from side to side, chin to shoulder, from side to side and chin to chest and chin toward the sky
  • Make circles in one direction then in the other with the head
  • Stretch the column on both sides by raising one arm to the sky, the other hand resting on the bed, and bowing to the side of the arm
  • Inspire to extend the column and exhale to twister, one hand on the opposite knee, the look over the shoulder that opens, one side then the other

Ayurveda in my morning routine

After these few movements, I go to the bathroom to scratch my tongue! Yes, one of the best discoveries I made with ayurveda! This little marvel (preferring the traditional copper modern plastic guitars) eliminates all toxins that have deposited on the tongue during the night.

Ayurveda morning routine

When I have the time and the desire, I add to that a few minutes of oil pulling, the ayurvedic equivalent of the mouthwash. I circulate virgin coconut oil in the mouth for 5-10 minutes to rid my mouth of all the impurities of the night (coconut oil is antiseptic and antibacterial) and I spit it out (in the trash , especially not in the sink or in the sink). And presto, here I am clean mouth, to start the day!

Last step (still a habit I have to ayurveda): the nose wash with the neti pot (like a kind of teapot). A step that I miss for nothing in the world, every morning! This is the happiness to free the nose, especially in winter or when there is pollution or pollen, and it wakes up to start the day.

[We put a teaspoon of salt in 300ml of boiled water then cooled to body temperature in the neti pot.]

It is also important to empty your bladder when you wake up! Yes, because morning urine contains all the waste eliminated by the kidneys during the night.

Restart the body smoothly: morning yoga routine

After the bathroom, go to the kitchen! I start with a cup of warm water and lemon juice, to wake up the digestive system gently. We hydrate and wake up the body gently by bringing in vitamin C.

morning routine

After my meditation and my yoga session when I have time (I'll talk about it soon after), I make my little favorite recipe from Bali: a sweet and creamy banana smoothie - very sweet and nourishing date!

[My recipe: two bananas, two dates, a spoon of almond puree or a handful of cashew nuts, 250 ml of vegetable milk and 250ml of water. All in the mixer and voila! If you like it fresh, put the bananas in pieces in the freezer the day before, and take them out a few minutes before making the smoothie.]

My morning routine: meditation

Over time I noticed that just a few minutes of meditation in the morning completely change my day! So I quickly incorporated this into my morning routine. I just take 10 minutes after drinking my hot lemon, in my little space dedicated just under the window where the rays of the morning sun come in!

A candle that I adore, a few sticks of incense brought back from Bali, my oracles which I draw cards when I want (a draw of Chakras full moons and new moons for example or a map of the law of the attraction in the mornings where I feel the need) and my crystals that I chose to help me realize my project, to open myself to hidden opportunities and to trust me, and who take the light of the moon under the window. I created myself a tiny space that brings me a lot of softness and beautiful energies.

For my morning meditation, I use several methods, it depends on what inspires me every day. It's never the same, but it's always effective:

  • Visualization of my day, I imagine my day in the smallest detail, I focus on the emotions and feelings that every part of my day makes me feel, as if I lived them already, it helps me to project days positive and to prepare myself mentally
  • Concentration on the breathing to channel my thoughts, I count 1-I inhale, 2-I breathe out or the number of breaths, backwards starting from 108 for example, starting again each time I lose the thread
  • Repetition of my personal mantra (108 times with lhelp from my Mala beads, it takes about 15 minutes)
  • Concentration on an idea, a situation, a feeling ...

I use the Petit Bambou application to time my session (with customizable gongs at the beginning and end of the session, I find it rather nice).

Do yoga in the morning

When my schedules allow, I unroll my carpet for an asana practice. Doing yoga in the morning wakes up the whole body, but also regulates the digestive system and the nervous system for a calmer and healthier day. My morning yoga can vary between very dynamic Vinyasa with lots of sun salutations or more gentle practice with lots of stretching, opening of the pelvis and heart.

Even though I opt for a softer morning routine, I always like to incorporate at least one or two sun salutations because it's so enjoyable in a morning yoga routine to wake up the whole body!

If I know that I will be sitting a lot (computer work, meetings ...) I focus my practice on the opening of the hips, the pelvis, on the lower back. When I need energy and do me good, I choose the openings of the heart. When I need calm and serenity, I opt for bending before. But most often, I simply let myself be carried by what my body tells me!

Because I do not always have the time to practice in the morning before leaving to teach, I take the time at night to give me a gentler practice, for example yin, to evacuate the tensions of the day and relax before go to bed.

If you are interested in the concept of "Miracle morning" during your morning yoga routine, you may have heard of SAVERS (Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, Scribing).

Le Silenceit is meditation, the time to evacuate to let our inner voice express itself. The statementsit's all you can think and speak out loud to build strength, confidence and encouragement. Visualization is the projecting of concentration, as if the situation or the desired thing was already there in the present. I like the idea of ​​the vision board that brings together these two ideas, and I'm trying to realize one, that I will add to my little space of meditation so that it is one of the first things that I will see in the morning. Then there is the exercise (we talked about it a little higher with the yoga routine), then the lecture and I'writing. For those who have the time, incorporate a little creative (drawing, writing in your journal, preparing your journal bullet ...) or reading in the morning routine is ideal! Reading some pages of your book of the moment, drawing or writing is great to start the day and these activities offer benefits close to those of meditation.

Even with a short time, if you organize well, it is possible to incorporate all this into the morning routine: a little mantra waking up, 5 min of meditation, 2 minutes in front of your vision board, 2 pages of your book of the moment, 2-3 minutes of writing in your journal or drawing compared to the day that starts, 3 sun salutations and the day can begin! That said, I suggest you take the time to incorporate the new things into your morning routine, so that it is solid and well anchored. I wrote an article about it: new routine, how to stick to it where I give you some tips to avoid new habits that only last a while!

That's it, you know everything! And again, what matters is finding what makes you feel good to start the day off right. So take the time to try, explore, find what suits you!



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