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Travel Story of a Nomadic Yoga Teacher

Pauline, 27 years, decided to leave everything after 6 years of life in London to share his passion for Yoga, on the roads of Europe.
One year after leaving her van, a renault master arranged by her care, she shares with you her experience as a nomadic yoga teacher. Exclusively for Yogis on Roadtrip.

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Narrative of a nomadic yoga teacher:

These 6 years in London made me discover the world of Yoga. From my first class, I fell completely in love. And from this passion, I made my teacher: Professor of Animal Flow Yoga, a vinyasa yoga based on natural and intuitive movements of the body.

Teaching in different yoga studios, gyms, at home, and juggling between subway, classes, babysitting, and petsitting had become my daily routine. I got up every day with the desire to work, to share what I love and to help others. But without rest days, ranging from three to five hours of public transport a day, fatigue accumulated. Everything was losing its meaning. I, who sought a healthy and physiological life, this London life became insane and exhausting both morally and physically.

It was time for me to leave; but where to go?

It was then that my dream of building my tiny house inspired me with this other dream: to teach Yoga all over Europe, traveling and living in a van.
A few months later, after spending a winter building the inside of our cozy nest for my rabbit-bearer Önskan and myself, we boarded for 7's road trip months across Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, England, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary and finally Slovakia.

Teaching Yoga on the roads is much different than in a big capital:

  • Community: Finished the same weekly classes with regular students, where each week I could propose a sequence based on a new theme, and thus build together a real practice on the long term. To build real exchanges and relations with them, to see their evolution and progress, to help them and to accompany them in this moment of pause and well-being that they offered themselves.

  • Facilities: No more equipped rooms with yogas mats, bricks, audio system to connect my playlist, and dimmer to sift the light during shavasana.

  • Lucratif: Finished the multiple regular income that brought me a comfortable material life. Finished the administrative simplicity English to manage an activity on its own account.

  • Dating: Hello many meetings of yogis, yoginis, nomads, artists, sportsmen and other yoga teachers made during outdoor courses during wellness and alternative festivals, and during workshops organized in yoga studios. It is always a real pleasure to be able to go further in sharing these flows inspired by martial arts, dance and primitive movements.

  • Spontaneity: Hello unforeseen sessions made with people encountered on the roads, whether other vanlifers, couchsurfers, backpackers or hitchhiking, as well as in a variety of places: in living rooms, kitchens, gardens, small apartments, facing the sea, in a barn, under a big top, etc. where beach towels often became beautiful yoga mats.

  • Exchanges: Hello the often non-lucrative sharing of this passion, where the very essence of sharing and exchange becomes the number one goal. A mutual exchange of knowledge, skills, stories, meals or just smiles: the real pleasure of offering a relaxing time to people without the expectation of something in return.

The pleasure of sharing one's passion in complete freedom

Being a nomad yoga teacher requires more spontaneity, greater ability to adapt, listen and empathize, and above all brings the essential: the pleasure of sharing your passion freely.

In both cases, teaching yoga sedentarily or nomadically remains my path. It is important, I think, to listen to one's instinct that encourages us to make choices that are not always easy, in order to guide us to the right path: the one where you live your dreams.

Find his website: http://www.poleenyoga.com/

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