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Yoga after a long flight by plane (tips and tricks)

"Yoga after a long flight", article written by Elise, a yoga teacher particularly known as @yogiwhotravel, exclusively for Yogis on Roadtrip:

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Long-haul flights are often difficult to bear for our body, if we add to that a possible jet lag on arrival ... We often feel a feeling of heavy leg, the feeling of having aches, a back stretched and sometimes even tingling everywhere. Whether you are a beginner or confirmed Yogi here is a little routine to follow at the landing to feel better:

Take the time to breathe

Sit comfortably on a carpet or on the floor close your eyes, focus on your breathing, try to lengthen your spine to keep you straight, to send the shoulders backwards.

Take three big breaths and exhale, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Then release your whole body forward.

This first step can also be done in the plane this allows to relax his mind, relieve tension and begin to eliminate toxins accumulate during the ride.

Relax the neck

(see photo "stretching the neck")

Always seated, direct the right side of the head to your right shoulder, extend the left arm of the left side with the palm of your hand flat arm as if it was lying on a table. Stay 5 long inspirations and expirations. Then start again on the other side. This movement can stretch the neck and shoulders, often packed and forward when sitting too long.

Stretch the back

(see photo "stretching back")

Go on your knees, sit on your heels head on your carpet with your arms forward. Then take off the buttocks and stretch your arms forward to enter the Puppy posture (Puppy Pose) you must feel a stretch in the back and at the shoulders. Stay 5 at 10 breaths.

best yoga positions after a long flight

Stretching the legs

(see photo "Pachimotasana, butterfly, figure 4")

The following three poses will allow you to stretch your legs:

  • Pachimotasana or Flexion before : Extend the legs with your knees slightly bent, keep the toes towards you, take a long breath and then exhale down from the front, try to relax the upper body. Stay in this 5 stance at 10 breaths
  • Papillon : Position the two soles together, again take a deep breath and then exhale and release your entire body forward, if it's nice you can swing slightly. Stay in this 5 posture to 10 breaths. This posture relaxes the hips.
  • (Figure 4 : Lie on your back, plant your feet in the rug with your knees bent. Position the right ankle on the left thigh, take off the left foot, position the left hand on your left knee, put your right hand in the triangle that has formed with your legs and come to seize your left knee. Keep your head on your carpet. Stay 5 at 10 breaths then switch sides. This posture relaxes the thighs, buttocks and lower back.

Reactivate the circulation

(see photo "candle")

To finish two options:

  • Supported candle : Lie your legs up against a wall and stay 10 at 15 breaths
  • Candle : Lie on your back, place your hands under your buttocks with your palm flat, roll your shoulders inwards to bring your shoulder blades close and have the neck off the ground, then send the legs back, position your hands in the lower back. Stay in this leg position straight up 10 to 15 breaths. Then find a lying position during a few breaths.

best yoga positions after a long flight

After a long flight the most important is to reactivate the bloodstream often block because of air pressure and sitting position held for hours. Do not forget to hydrate yourself;)

This little routine is also effective after a long journey by train or car.

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