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Interview: the trip as a couple (@voyageatraversnous)

You've probably heard about the famous Instagram account @voyageatraversnous where Alizée and her boyfriend Jordan travel around the world. This couple of travelers share beautiful pictures on social networks. Today, Yogis on Roadtrip interviews Alizée to find out more about traveling as a couple.

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Alizée agreed to talk about her experience: traveling as a couple. This interview was done exclusively for Yogis on Roadtrip. There she is :

1. Can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Alizée, I am 28 years old and I am a lover of travels.

2. What was your first trip as a couple?

It was in Portugal with my current friend, Jordan. It was a nice trip as a couple.

3. Before meeting him, did you ever plan to travel? If so, did this interest in the trip bring you closer?

No, I had not planned anything. I was a little lost in my life in my choices. And one day during our first trip as a couple in Europe (in Portugal), we took stock of our situation. Nothing went professionally on both sides and we decided to leave 6 months to leave everything and leave to travel with two, following this it became our common interest.

4. Traveling as a couple: we often hear that it's risky for a relationship. What do you think ?

I think traveling with two is double or double. In our case we are very fusional so it brought us closer together and it allowed us to get to know each other even better.

5. There are many ways to travel, do you still have the same desires? How do you find common ground?

We are not complicated on that, as soon as one proposes an idea the other is always in agreement.

6. Do you have tips or advice to keep your personal space when you spend time together?

Of course it is essential to have these moments for yourself, to have your own space. For example to play sports, read a book, watch a movie ... It helps to cut the routine.

It is very important to share tasks too when traveling together. Like that everyone has a role to play.

7. What are the advantages and disadvantages during a trip as a couple?

The benefits of a couple trip are the highlights that we live in common and the unforgettable memories. The disadvantages are the lack of our loved ones. It's not easy every day, even if it seems idyllic.

8. What do you like best when traveling as a couple?

Sharing, discovery and learning. Everything is done to two, it is a unique experience. We live good times as less good and we have no choice but to support each other.

9. Have you developed common passions during your travels?

Yes quite ! The passion for photography, our trips to two revolve around that. Immortalize some places from our point of view and inspire others to take the plunge.

10. Any advice for those who want to go on a couple trip?

I think that during a trip as a couple, communicating is the basis, and the most important. Express your desires, your fears ... With good communication everything will run smoothly.

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  • You are very beautiful, what a pleasure to share this with two


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