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Interview with Stefy: the solo trip (@ stefy.heart)

You know @ stefy.heart ? This is Stephanie's beautiful Instagram account, an experienced traveler who often travels alone. She shares sublime travel photos.

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Stephanie agreed to talk about her experience: traveling solo. This interview was done exclusively for Yogis on Roadtrip. There she is :

1. Can you introduce yourself ?

Hello, my name is Stéphanie, I am 32 years old and I live in Lyon. I am currently studying digital.

2. What was your first solo trip?

My first solo trip was Australia at the age of 24.

I went 6 months and I continued my trip with Indonesia (Bali and Java) then Thailand.

3. What made you want to go traveling? Do you always travel for the same reason?

I have always been fascinated by travel. I remember that already small, I kept some pages of travel magazines in a box promising me that one day I will go to this or that place! Landscapes, animals, people, cultures, discovery, adventure, everything fascinated me!

And it's still the case today!

4. Why did you leave alone?

It's a great question! I think that as always I dreamed of traveling, I had very specific ideas in mind, and I did not feel like imposing my choices on others. Then I wanted to know the freedom to go alone, far from everything, listening only to my heart! And it was the best choice of my life!

5. What are the advantages and disadvantages when traveling alone?

For me the main advantage when traveling alone is freedom.

We are free to go where we want, when we want, choose whether or not these travel companions, be free to think simply.

Then there is the fact that we really get to know each other, and to totally get out of his comfort zone.

We are much stronger than we imagine! Being alone forges the mind, when we come back we are different.

The disadvantage but this is peculiar to myself, I will say, is to be away from my family and my friends. Besides that I am alone or accompanied I always feel the same thing!

6. What do you like best on a solo trip?

My favorite thing about traveling alone is freedom and meeting others. It does not matter whether it's in the positive or the negative, everyone has brought me something.

7. And now, are you always traveling alone? Why ?

Today, I travel alone or with my lover or with my friends (be careful to choose them!)

I have traveled 2 years with Clément, my boyfriend since 7 years and I left 3 last month alone in Central America even if some of my friends joined me along the way.

I have always loved traveling alone but today I prefer the company of my darling because without him the trips do not have the same flavors anymore.

8. Which countries to favor and which countries to avoid when traveling alone?

Curiously I will say that there is no country to favor or not when one is alone .. Many people wrongly think that this or that country is dangerous especially when one is alone and when one is a woman. Off when traveling we are often surprised! For example, I found Central America much safer than the United States!

I will say that when you are not used to traveling and you are afraid of getting started, it is better to go to Australia or Asia, but again it depends on what you are looking for.

9. We often hear that it is dangerous to travel alone when you are a woman, what do you think?

I do not think that when you are a girl it is more dangerous. I think we just have to act as we would in France. That is to say do not go places if people tell us that it is dangerous, avoid being drunk alone on a sidewalk at night for example, finally basic things!

The safety rules are the same everywhere we go ...

Dishonest people, there are everywhere and in all the countries of the world. Personally, I always look at the situation of each country to know some places to avoid, I keep daily informed my mother of every place in which I find myself. I traveled in 24 country and everything went well! And as I said above, you are rarely alone when you travel!

10. How did you announce it to your loved ones?

Haha, that's an excellent question! The first time I decided to leave I was 24 years ago, it was already a few months that I spoke but it was just an idea. Then one day, I announced to my father that I was going to leave the week after, he laughed! He told me "yes, you're going around the world all by yourself!" Until the end, he did not believe it and a week later, I was on the plane heading for Australia! I think he had a little shock and he was a little anxious but after he was very happy! My mother was very anxious (a mother what) but very proud and the one who was the most stressed was my brother He saw himself already pick me up at the other end of the world if I ever had a problem!

But as a rule, everyone has accepted it! In any case they did not have a choice!

11. Advice to reassure loved ones?

To reassure them, I called them very often and explained to them how each moment of my trip unfolded. When I went to a place several days knowing that there would be no network, I told them well in advance!

To reassure them before departure, there is no way! They stress more than us and we can not do anything!

12. Do you have any tips for women traveling alone for the first time?

Do not doubt anymore! It is a unique and extraordinary experience! We often think that we are not strong enough to make a trip alone and around me a lot of people tell me that they could never do that but they are wrong! Me neither I was not ready! I am also afraid of the plane, loneliness and the unknown! But when you decide to travel alone, it's where you feel the least alone! We meet so many different people and cultures! We are master of our life, of our choices, we get to know each other and we feel free! And above all, we realize how much we are able to face these fears and we come back stronger than ever! The hard part is to make the decision but once your foot is on the plane, we realize the madness we are doing and we feel really alive! I encourage everyone to travel alone! But beware of the depression of the traveler back! She really exists!

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If you are interested in solo trips, I recommend reading Melanie's article. She gives lots of tips and tricks to travel alone when you are a woman.

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  • Certainly the most daring of all my life. To leave alone like a big one. I feel
    still novice, I admire the courage of his adventurous


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