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Do we need Yoga in 200 hours?

Many of you have liked Anaïs' article (also known as punkyyogini on instagram): "practice yoga in India, experience feedback".

To deepen the subject, this free-talking yoga teacher talks to us about 200 yoga training hours, also known as "YTT200". Article written exclusively for Yogis on Roadtrip.

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Do we need Yoga in 200 hours?

Ah! That's a good question !

You love yoga, you are all yoga teachers on Instagram, you attend one or more different studios and you say " They have the beautiful life these yoga teachers, I should do that as a job ».

I want to tell you " Why not ! It seems like an idea like the others, throw yourself if you're sure of your shot ».

And there you discover that the profession is not regulated in France and that if you spend only 200 small hours in a school, you will get a certificate proving that you are able to teach yoga to others.

It all seems easy, " finger in the nose " there you are " fingers on the floor 30 times a day to make a living.

You have been studying for a profession that bores you deeply and there 1 months you could combine passion and work. It can make me dream I understand it.

But beyond the aspect of recruitment, studio openness, investment and probably competition, which are the common concerns of every individual subject to the harsh labor market law, the fundamental question that must be asked is, above all, " would I be able to teach yoga after 200h training? ».

Will I be able to teach yoga if I'm only doing 200h training?

Since my passion is to break your dreams, I will answer you very sincerely. No, this is a good start but it is not enough.

What did you think? There are guys who spend 2 years at school to be able to advise people in the purchase of a bathing suit at Decathlon and you thought you would know a discipline old over 5000 years in 200 h?

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A training of 200 hours is not enough, it takes a regular practice

But as I'm not here to break your dreams for free, I'll explain why 200h is not enough.

Firstly because Yoga is a physical discipline. Thus it touches the body of each, this sacred sanctuary is so different from one person to another. Anatomy is essential if you do not want to hurt your students. Some people will NEVER be able to put their hands on the ground because of their morphology. And believe me, in a training in 200 hours you will hardly fly over the human anatomy. In some schools you will simply be forced to read a book on the subject, in others you will have exercises ...

So I concede that we think we can teach yoga because we know that we have to tell the students to retrovert the pelvis in the posture of the chair, that we have to move the shoulders away from the ears by turning our elbows towards the inside and armpits to the dog face upside down, which must be pressed hard in the fingertips to protect the wrists in the postures on the hands ... But between knowing and saying, there is to teach, to understand it, to see it and to correct it. And that, really, it is not learned in 200h. Otherwise the physio, osteo and other trades related to human anatomy would be graduated in half the time!

Then because in a 200 hours you will find everything and anything: meditation, pranayama, asana, mantras, philosophy, anatomy, teaching, alignment, sometimes ayurveda, massage, cooking classes, music lessons ... Everyone goes for it little touch of originality to make you crack. Basically, on 200h there are many hours that will not bring you anything in your ability to teach! You will hardly fly over the philosophy of yoga essential to the knowledge of this practice, you will touch the meditation, discover the basics of pranayama and about asanas I let you guess that you will explore some deep when others will be just practiced and some completely omitted.

And finally, because with only 200 hours of training, you will not be able to learn the ins and outs of sequencing a class. So, I think there are some who read the word and say "sequen-what? ". Yes, you will not learn a course by heart and teach it infinitely unless you want to become a teacher of Ashtanga or Bikram. You will have to be able to create your own classes. And there I assure you that to have often gone to studios in France, I saw everything and anything ...

Sequencing meets well-established rules in line with human anatomy (we always come back to this).

To make it very simple: no, we do not Hanumanasana (big gap) before Utthan Pristhasana (the posture of the lizard).

If this example is intentionally rude, there are many postures whose anatomical subtleties are not so obvious and yes, I had the opportunity on very many occasions, to be confronted with teachers who do not respect this sequencing. And there really, there can be danger!

My personal experience

To give you my personal experience, I found myself doing an 200 hours in Rishikesh, the mecca of Yoga (or rather babos, it depends on the point of view). This training was entitled "Teacher Training", it can not be more clear!

And yet, at the end of 24h, at the time of the individual presentations, about thirty, we were 4 to teach or want to teach. The others were there for most to "find oneself", "improve their quality of life", "discover a lifestyle" ... BUT WTF! Go find yourself in a meditation ashram lost deep in the Himalayan darling but not in a school to become a yoga teacher!

And there, pompom on the Garonne, icing on the cake, there were 1 / 3 students who NEVER practiced yoga! NEVER !

« So yes I'm applying for a position of attacker at PSG but I do not know how to run '. " Ah, well it's going to be complicated »

Another third had started yoga for less than 2 years ... well, Mireille, how do you explain that it's going to be difficult! And then there is one who does yoga since 2 years, 3 times a week and one who practices since 2 years, once in a while during the holidays, on the beach before the cocktail ...

Basically, everyone can enroll in training 200 hours and everyone, EVERYONE, will get his certificate at the end, even though he would not understand the difference between dog-head-en high and dog-head-down, that he would think that Patanjali is a brand of Ayurvedic toothpaste or that he would not know how to locate the iliac spines in the human body.

But as I am super nice as a girl (and very modest as you can see), I will tell you that YES you can do an 200 hours to become a yoga teacher but under conditions.

YES you can do an 200 hours to become a yoga teacher but under conditions.

First of all, there is a whole category of people who decide to become a yoga teacher and have related trades: physiotherapist, osteo, hypnotherapist or sports trainer, professional dancer, gymnast (yes, there are people who are professional gymnast in real life!). Those already have solid foundations for the human body, a fundamental aspect of asana practice.

Then there are those who have years and years of intensive practice behind them, who already know a lot about it because on the one hand they are educated and on the other hand they have done internships, retreats, workshops ...

Finally, there are those who take these 200 hours as a step. That is to say, they obtain this diploma and continue to study in parallel everything related to yoga (anatomy, philosophy, sequencing ...) through books, internet or by participating in courses for teachers. In the case of this continuing education, the yoga teacher does not stop training at different schools and he deepens his knowledge while discovering new aspects.

Perpetual learning

To confess everything, I find this last solution very interesting because yoga is such a vast field and where there are so many currents of thought on teaching techniques, on alignment, on the construction of sequences ...

For example, I am thinking in particular of the oppositions between Pattabhi Joïs and BKS Iyengar who do not consider yoga in the same way and who both focus on different points of alignment. Yet these two schools are of high quality and everyone sees noon at his door (I love this expression, I had promised to put it somewhere).

Moreover, this discipline is so vast that it is necessary to be in perpetual learning. It is normally impossible to rest on its achievements, it is important to continue the journey of knowledge, knowledge and transmission. Thus, to train regularly, to participate in workshops, allows to broaden its vision and its development both personally and in terms of teaching. There is always someone more educated than us and it is always interesting to submit to his knowledge, his pedagogy ...

And as I'm basing you with yoga philosophy, we'll finish on this interesting point: in the Yoga Sutra, Patanjali enumerates the obstacles and obstacles that prevent the student from practicing yoga (Yoga Sutra 1.30 *). In these obstacles, we find in particular bhranti-Darshana which results in false knowledge, false perception. Thus, BKS Iyengar writes on this subject that a person with a false perception, has a keen intelligence but lacks humility and flaunts his wisdom. He specifies that this person must stay in the company of great souls and stand under their guidance, to get on the right path and overcome his weakness.

So you want to become a yoga teacher? Do you plan to do an 200 hours? Why not but do not forget that it is not enough to truly know yoga and that you can not be satisfied with these 200 small hours to put your professional project to the test!

With that, very quickly so that I come back to break your dreams!

Anaïs aka @punkyyogini.

Find the Anaïs website in clicking here.

* " Vyadhi styana samshaya pramada alasya avirati bhranti-darshana alabdha-bhumikatva anavasthitatva chitta vikshepa te antarayah »

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  • Super article, very interesting and a touch of humor that made me smile a lot. I practice yoga in its entirety philosophy, asanas, pranayamas recently self training. I discovered yoga a year or two ago, and I hated it. I think my teacher's approach did not suit me or I was not ready. Looking back, I just felt like I was doing a fashionable class. Recently I retried the experience with a new traveling teacher. I loved, a vision of yoga that goes beyond a physical practice, a true holistic teaching. I am looking to take regular classes with this vision of yoga, one day try an experience in Ashram and why not in an idyllic world doing a yoga teacher training, to bring in my area, the true identity of yoga. In the meantime, I form myself alone, I grope, I take pleasure and I have a lifetime to perfect and enlarge my vision of yoga. I totally agree with this article, a yoga degree does not make us a yoga teacher, it all depends what audience you touch, a superficial and trendy practice or practice with a true soul of yoga. Very nice day

  • Super article, really nice to read with a touch of humor.
    I started yoga, there is little self-training at home. I love yoga and what it brings me recently in my life.
    I want to learn, to evolve. I do not only want to practice on my carpet, but learn lessons, philosophy of yoga, mantras, prayanamas ... .. I would love to learn in immersion


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