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How to manage the stress of flying with yoga?

"How to manage the stress of flying with yoga?", Article written by yoga teacher Lôra, also known as instagram @Lora.yoga, exclusively for Yogis on Roadtrip:

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How to manage the stress of flying with yoga?

Traveling always gives a lot of emotions.

That is why I advise you to practice before but also during and after a trip asanas and meditation.

With good exercises for your body and mind you will overcome the stress of travel more easily.

The stress of flying

In order to understand why a trip can bring some nervous tension, let me give you some examples that will make everyone agree.

Firstly the preparation of luggage.

It's about not forgetting anything.

These words resonate in you like a mantra.

This generates stress (minimal I agree but stress anyway).

Then follows the transport of your luggage.

Even if today our suitcases are equipped with beautiful wheels that spare our backs, it will be necessary to wear them to load and unload in the car or during the registration.

In addition to not sparing your body crowded and noisy airports put your brain to the test.

That's why I advocate doing some meditation exercises.

Some meditation exercises

Nothing very complicated:

Choose a seat, find a comfortable posture, feet firmly anchored in the ground, your back straight.

Grow up and breathe.

Calmly, deeply keeping your eyes closed.

Be sure to put your hands palms facing the sky to feel the energy.

Finally, you are ready to embark

We are not going to lie to each other there is more pleasant than an airplane seat.

This is not the time to let negative waves take hold of your brain.

Imagine rather your trip.

The discoveries you will make there, the new cultures, the new landscapes and the new adventures that await you.

Let's go back to the position in which you will spend most of your time during this flight.

You are sitting at about 110 degrees so say not the absolute comfort.

Small ride on the plane

That's why when you feel the first signs of ankylosed muscles start by getting up and walking.

Stretch your arms over your head, as if you had just woken up (this may be the case for that matter), rotate your head in one direction then the other.

Wrap your spine as gently as possible, as far as possible, until you touch your feet for the most flexible of you.

If you are not comfortable doing your exercises in front of the whole cabin, head to the SAS with the crew. Do not worry you will not be the first person they will see stretch.

Here you feel more comfortable, take the opportunity to relax your legs.

Bend one leg and then the other in buttocks, then forward knee to the chest.

In this way you will also engage your balance.

Finally think about relaxing your shoulders which also receive a lot of tension.

Repeat these simple exercises as many times as necessary.

You are more relaxed you can return to sit down.

Now let's talk about another stress factor that can cripple some phobic travelers on the plane.

The fear of the plane

The famous turbulence.

To tame your fear, there is no other way than to regain consciousness of your breathing.

Let your shoulders rise to the breath and go back down to the end.

Place your hands on your stomach and feel your diaphragm inflate and deflate.

Watch the passage of the air in your nostrils, roll your shoulders back and relax.

After the trip

If you arrive in the early morning, I advise you to tap into yourself a little more strength for yoga in the morning, 3 sun salutations will already be good. Energize yourself, it will allow you to hold the day.

If, on the other hand, you arrive in the evening, it is important to eliminate tension with a few exercises in order to have a good night's sleep.

I recommend some dogs upside down, some claws and some balasana.

This will limit the harmful effects on the body of the jet lag.

You will find some yoga positions as well as tips and tricks for your yoga practice after a long flight by plane. Elise's article.

Yoga morning or evening, it's up to you!

It only remains to establish a yoga routine. For that, I advise you Alix's article

Happy holidays yogis


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